Wall Art vs Repainting

Wall Art

This summer we swapped some rooms. You see, back when Coral was born we moved my office up to the 2nd floor, and our bedroom down to the first floor. That way Larc didn’t have to carry Coral up and down stairs, and we could just put a gate (with a foot triggered latch) at the stairs. Now that Coral’s older, there’s certainly no worry about her using stairs, so we moved both bedrooms upstairs and returned my office where I can once again get sunlight. It’s nice to once again see out the front window to watch for the UPS truck, or just stare at the blue sky and trees while thinking.

One problem I ran into was that I’d mounted shelves to the wall over my desk. We pulled the shelves down and I patched the drywall with plaster. We ended up with a bunch of white plaster sploches and messed up paint. Went to check for touch-up paint, and found a brick. Really. A brick. We’d used clay paint. Paint actually made of clay. The clay was dry. Brick.

Went on-line to order a pint, but found they no longer had the same color. We’d just moved three rooms, and no way did I want to move furniture and repaint the entire room, but at the same time the move didn’t feel done. So, as I do, we made it into an art project. Here you can see exactly where my desk once sat, and where the shelves hung. Added photos from a past vacation we had already in frames, and now the room feels complete.

One day maybe we’ll paint the whole room again, but for now we have wall art.


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