Short Story: “Dead-City Reconnect” by A.E.Bogdan

A far future Detroit where those that lack cortical implants also lack upward mobility. A group of young pirates work to find access, while also throwing raves in abandoned building, as white saviors fall and fail around them. (While I do think this is a fun story, I admit I really wanted to do it to write the background music and add audio special effects and background tone!)
My Early Schlock Short Movies

My Early Schlock Short Movies

SCHLOCK! It’s all schlock, and we had so much fun making them! Here are the first five short films I made as a way to learn how to make movies. Well, maybe not exactly how Hollywood films were made, but how I could make them with zero funding prior to digital video editing. (Friends wanted access to these, so this post bookmarks them.)

Cutting COMT Inhibitors to Reduce Nerve Pain

Last year I started researching my genes in detail. This mostly entailed running my 23&Me data file through various genetic health reporting systems and researching the most interesting genes listed. One gene caught my eye because it was stated that it had an impact on pain sensitivity. I had been dealing with various levels of nerve pain on my left shoulder and arm which impacted sleep and other activities, so I decided to put some of my focus on this COMT gene.