Short Story: “Stoke the Fire, Burn the Darkness” by A.E.Bogdan

Short Story: “Stoke the Fire, Burn the Darkness” by A.E.Bogdan

Embermen are efficient, ever working, and dedicated to their masters and tasks, yet deep down, under their new encoding, they are still humans with a history. Sandor discovers more than anticipated when he is assigned to discover the cause of a mysterious pandemic.

(Written many years before so many aspects of this story became part of our reality.)

This is just one of many stories I wrote in the Whisper-Girl Universe, and it actually ties directly into “The Girl Who Whispered Beauty”, for which I also recorded audio. This is the final version of this particular story and includes some paragraphs I added while exploring if I could expand this story into a novel length work. I was visiting that idea because I was still intrigued with the main character. This story would have been the opening of the book.

Looking back, every short story I wrote in this universe wanted to be a novel. In fact, even the catalyst story was originally the beginning of a novel that I truncated to submit to “The Writers Of The Future” contest. With just a little moral support, I would have easily turned out at least a half dozen books without tiring of this world. Alas, after continuous highly negative critiques of my writing from other writers, I became convinced that being a writer was a futile pursuit. After all, I’d written well over a million words, many stories, attended the Clarion Writing Workshop, The WOTF workshop, worked on multiple novels, and writer after writer made it clear that I was not one of them and they did not like my style. I was writing for an audience of one. Myself.

I assume I recorded all of these stories as a fun personal project, with an audience of one as well. I’m likely writing this blog post to myself as well. If not… hello there! Are you lost? If so, hang out and listen if you don’t have anything better to do. Maybe I can teach you what not to do.


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