Short Story: “All Our Shadows Touch” By A.E.Bogdan

Short Story: “All Our Shadows Touch” By A.E.Bogdan

When Nedira meets the impossible man, she just has to figure out where he came from, but there isn’t much time, as now they are both being hunted by an invisible assailant. (Science fiction that manages to be both over-the-top AND pretentious.)

I wrote this just after “The Girl Who Whispered Beauty,” back around 2005. I didn’t expect to sell the whisper girl story, actually I didn’t expect to sell any stories, and so I reused an element in this one. Lilacs. My wife, Larc, loves the smell of lilacs. They are also a sense memory for me, so there they are, smelling up this story too.

This is a tale I enjoyed writing, and when it was done, I decided I actually liked having written it. The problem was, after finishing it, I also realized other writers and editors wouldn’t like how I executed it, so I tried rewriting parts, but every time I did I didn’t like it as much as the original. Thematic threads kept unraveling during the rewrite. So, instead of reading the newest version, which just didn’t work for me, I went back to an older version. Perhaps it works well enough. Perhaps it doesn’t. I think it’s fun. Maybe the entire story is just too over-the-top. Perhaps it’s too over-the-top. I don’t know. I wrote it. A long time ago. It too is a sort of sense memory.

The audio of this reading includes bird calls. Some of them are our family budgies and cockatiel.


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