My Early Schlock Short Movies

SCHLOCK! It’s all schlock, and we had so much fun making them!

Here are the first five short films I made as a way to learn how to make movies. Well, maybe not exactly how Hollywood films were made, but how I could make them with zero funding.

It was 1989 when I bought my first video camera. An SVHS behemoth intended for industrial videos. All analog. Make too many copies of a tape and the video disintegrated like an ancient scroll in sea water. Of course, the only way to edit was to make a copy from one tape onto another. The only way to add music and voice overs was to record audio live while making a copy.

The first few movies were made by pressing play an one VCR and record on the other manually. Being a tech-geek, I eventually bought equipment to make it a bit easier: Industrial Panasonic VCRs and a computer controller to control the VCRs. I had to open the VCRs and plug these 3rd party devices into the machine and use simple proprietary software to make edit lists. No computer files. No video editing software. Clunky analog ingenuity.

The actors are my friends. The vamp weasel is my wife. Good times, but I was so looking forward to digital video editing back then. I knew it would be possible one day. And now, as we all know (duh), I can shoot 4k with my phone. But back then… we laughed a lot.


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