Short Story: “Basket of Souls” by A.E.Bogdan

Short Story: “Basket of Souls” by A.E.Bogdan

After the Mongol invasion, three young men attempt to use magic to bring their village back. A story about family, survival, and the power of story telling. Contains dark imagery and mild violence.

This was written back in 2004 while attending the Clarion Writers Workshop in East Lansing, Michigan. I’m sharing this story because my wife loves it, plus it was singled out as a favorite story of the workshop by one of my Clarion classmates. It also seemed like one that would work well read aloud.

At Clarion most of us tried to write a new story every week, critique a dozen or more stories, all while attending lectures and events. It was exhausting. So much drama. Everything is now a sleepless blur.

This is my first attempt at laying some self-written background music and sound effects behind a reading. Not sure if what I did works. I’ll have to listen to it again one day. Hope it’s enjoyable.


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