Discussions of still photography.

Jan 212013

Jim C. Hines is a writer that’s been discussing sexism and the impossible-body-posing fetishism found on book covers. He’s been doing it mostly by personally duplicating book covers himself, posing and writing about how ridiculous and painful the postures are. You can check out his blog and see a bunch of his own crazy photo shoots.

As the discussion goes: Book sellers want skin and out-thrust bosoms and butts on their covers, so artists provide them by contorting their figures to crazy and impossible extremes. There’s also a tendency to wear ridiculous clothing, like all those nearly naked warrior women wearing metal bikinis in the snow. What does this say about us?

I became involved in the conversation when Jim proposed doing a group photo using science fiction authors to raise money for charity. If people donated enough he’d pull in some of the new big names in the science fiction field and do a group photo, reversing the genders. Well, the money came streaming in, three times what they expected was raised, and Jim contacted me to do the shoot at one of our local science fiction convention here in Michigan called ConFusion.

The models:

Within the fantasy and science fiction community these are all very well known folk. All are fun, generous, and active in the genre. All were also very willing to put themselves out there to raise money, join the discussion, and let everyone enjoy them stepping way out of their own comfort zones for a good cause.

Jim secretly sent us all the photo we’d be using. It was the cover art used for the Poul Anderson book “Young Flandry”, a James Bond styled action adventure in space novel. Jim gave everyone the option to say no way, but instead out came the cry, “Let’s do this!” Continue reading »

Sep 032010

My daughter, Coral, and I made her birthday card today. She remembered doing one last year, so she instructed me to get out the green cloth, her mom to buy balloons, and she dressed herself. Last year she was a mermaid with an ocean themed party. This year she’s having a pajama party at the city rec center, so we did a series of photos to show her being carried by balloons to the party. She inquired about each of the shots I was taking, sat on my lap watching the entire time as I assembled the image, asking questions about each of the tools I was using. She’s been requesting her own laptop lately, and now I suspect she’ll beg for a copy of Photoshop as well. (Sorry, not this birthday, Coral.)

Coral's 6th Birthday Card - 2010

On the green sheet for keying, sky shots for the background, and action shot of Coral jumping.